Our mission statement:

To research, set standards and disseminate best practice in UK siphonic drainage, from design to installation.

Siphonic drainage was first introduced in the 1960's in Scandinavia and since then has been used widely across Europe, including the UK, in the Far East, Australasia, South Africa and the USA.. Many large industrial, commercial and retail buildings are now fitted with siphonic drainage, which has clear advantages over gravity drainage.


Grayson T 2014

"I am currently the Managing Director of Sapoflow Limited and have over 20 years experience in the Siphonic Roof Drainage Industry. I have always focussed on delivering quality and satisfaction to our clients, including efficient designs, quality products, & good working practices. As Chairman my main objective is to ensure that by selecting a member from the SRDA you can be assured of good quality and best practice in both product & service."