Our mission statement:

To research, set standards and disseminate best practice in UK siphonic drainage, from design to installation.

Siphonic drainage was first introduced in the 1960's in Scandinavia and since then has been used widely across Europe, including the UK, in the Far East, Australasia, South Africa and the USA.. Many large industrial, commercial and retail buildings are now fitted with siphonic drainage, which has clear advantages over gravity drainage.

SRDA recognises and is committed to the adoption  of the Trade Association Forum 'Best Practice Guide 2006' wherever feasible.



Purser J cc web“It's been 13 years since the Association was formed. We aimed not only to regulate this industry but to educate busy building professionals that siphonic roof drainage is a useful a tool in the right circumstances.

The website is our centre of excellence and a signpost to reliable suppliers and installers who uphold our principles. With older systems coming to the end of their effective service lives, we also supply facilities managers with unbiased and practical information on how to upgrade existing systems. 

If this year sees SRDA members doing all that quickly and efficiently, I'll be more than happy.”